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Who am I? Read more about me and my activities with this hobby.

Tomas David Hood guitar NW7US is the Amateur Radio call-sign issued by the Federal Communications Commission to my Ham Radio Station, conferring the right to operate this equipment under certain privileges. This call-sign is assigned to me as both an identification of my Amateur Radio station, as well as a reference to those privileges I have been granted after having passed both a series of written examinations which cover rules, procedures, technical theory, and related knowledge, and a series of morse code (cw) proficiency tests.

I'm Tomas Hood. I am an Amateur Radio Operator. I also own a computer service shop and store, called, 'Sapphire Website and Computers Services', in Stevensville, Montana. I have been in the computer industry since 1983. One of my computer 'hats' is 'programmer'. I can program in Perl, PHP, XML, WAP/WML, HTML, C/C++, VBA, SQL, and so forth. I design web sites and applications.

I am also a musician - Thank you for listening! You may leave me a comment about the music.

You may purchase my CD (Beginnings EP 2009) or the downloadable MP3 versions of the songs from my new EP, here: Tomas David Hood Music.


WRTH - World Radio and TV Handbook

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Passport to SWLing

The Passport to World Band Radio is an excellent guide, and a fine introduction, to the world of Shortwave Radio, and more. Get your copy, today!
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Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio

Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio

Amy Fusselman says: "A beautifully designed love letter to...the critical but unsung role radio hams have played in service to our country."
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Shortwave Listening Guidebook: The Complete Guide to Hearing the World (Paperback)

Shortwave Listening Guidebook

by Harry L. Helms - This is a good introduction to Shortwave Radio Listening. It covers the technical aspects (such as the different parts of a shortwave receiver and how to use them, radio wave propagation, and antennas) in enough (but not too much) detail to be of use to the casual listener. There's an overview of the various shortwave bands, as well as what you may find between the bands. The many aspects of shortwave listening are covered, from listening to major broadcasters such as the BBC to such specialties as trying to hear distant stations, "pirate" broadcasters, and so on.

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+ Starting Radios for Shortwave Listening:

Sangean ATS-909 All Band Digital Short Wave Receiver - Mid-priced, good portable all band receiver.

Sangean ATS-606AP Compact AM/FM/SW Receiver - Mid-priced, good portable all band receiver.

Sangean ATS-404 Digital AM/FM/SW Stereo Receiver - Low-priced, good portable all band receiver.

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